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American Mainstream Media Lies More About Bolsonaro Than Our Own

"Amazing Footage of Bolsonaro in Juiz de Fora"

By Dante Mantovani

The correspondent from Time Magazine in Brasilia (capital of Brazil), Matty Sandy, published an article last August 23rd by the American magazine filled with blatant lies about the Brazilian candidate for president of the Federal Republic of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro (PSL), in the 2018 election cycle.

For us Brazilians who are accustumed with the lack of professionalism by the media  in dealing with the referred candidate, it was drawn to our attention the fact that the american magazine could be even worse than the Brazilian over the top maistream media contempt for the truth.

The lies about Bolsonaro starts right at the top with the false, appealing and slanderous title of the article: “Jair Bolsonaro Loves Trump, Hates Gay People and Admires Autocrats. He Could Be Brazil’s Next President.”

Bolsonaro has been very involved in his own national campaign with very few commentaries from his part on the North American president who is also demonized by Time magazine among other left leaning media vehicles that are part of the spewing oracle controled and financed by George Soros. Bolsonaro openly shows that he has nothing against homosexuals but that his main concern is with the LGBT “militants” who wants to impose their own agenda on children’s education against the will of their parents. Bolsonaro does not admire autocrats and  the truth is: autocrats are constantly found in politicians from the left in Brazil and members of the mainstream american media with watering mouths when it comes to genocidal dictatorships around the world such as the one in Cuba with Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and their congeners.

The name calling and violent verbal bashing are a necessary title in a exceedingly perverse and dishonest text with  difamatory purposes which reinforces a caricature image that the “elite” media will stamp on any politician who doesn’t subscribe to their  sick new world order agenda and their political correctness.

In the beginning of the text we promptly find a cynical lie: “Bolsonaro would have made his career praising human rights’ violations and abuse during the military regime”. Well, it seems obvious that nobody could withstand a career in this manner especially in a country controled by the left over the last thirty years. The intention behind affirmations such as this is pretty clear to us Brazilians: the goal is to transform Bolsonaro into a form of international criminal, a leper among nations  since international treaties signed without the approval of the people has resulted in our National Congress’ alignement with views that are transforming our patriotism and conservatism in “crimes against humanity”.

This article by Matty Sandy besides being a defamatory piece, it is also an accusation with nothing  spontaneous, nothing naive and every single part of it is a lie that will purposely bring forth the false understanding  that Bolsonaro is a human rights’ violator and therefore he should be treated as a criminal in the international scene in case he does get elected.

George Soros and his  globalist and mega billionaire group’s strategy is quite clear: Brazil cannot leave this circle of dependency, extortion and international interference in which it finds itself  chained to since 1994 with the help of Soros himself who interfered favorably in Fernando Henrique Cardoso’s campaign to become the president of Brazil in 1994.

In this Time article there are a list of lies that would make the mainstream media in Brazil die of envy since they never reached more than four false accusations (racism, homophobia, misogyny  and nepotism). The american “oracle” took it a step further in their evil creativity and of course, more demonic than ever when it says that Bolsonaro would have praised Pinochet, Filipino Rodrigo Duterte among other dictators  who caused so much damage and death. The article also said Bolsonaro would have invested against gays and minorities of women only because he went against those militants who seek to create division in society while at the same time trying to impose  teachings of all sorts of abominations to our children at the tender age of five years old.

The creativity of the  American correspondent also affirms that Joaquim Barbosa, former minister of STF, indicated by the inmate Lula da Silva to that court would have warned that Bolsonaro is a risk to democracy, a hypothetical return to an imaginary military  dictatorship. Although the same Joaquim Barbosa at the hight of the “Mensalão” process said that Jair Bolsonaro was the only Brazilian politician who never accepted any bribe from PT (Worke’s Party) at the Nacional Congress. This gives you a little taste of the reality when it comes to the lack of compromise with the truth in  the mainstream media in North America.

The falshoods about the Military Regime in Brazil must be clarafied: in 1964 there was a movement to prevent Brazil from becoming a communist dictatorship. This movement started with civilians such as Carlos Lacerda, Magalhães Pinto, it had the support of the maistream media with Roberto Marinho (owner of O Globo) among others. The military did not take any part in the beginning, it was in the hands of the Legislative, the democratic process and the will of the people who took to the streets marching in the name of “Family With God and Liberty” (Marcha da Família com Deus pela Liberdade).The people wanted João Goulart out!  And why is it that the writer of the article doesn’t mention any names of the (supposed)victims who suffered under the military “dictatorship”, these victims he said were raped and mutilated? On the other hand, Bolsonaro knows the names of the victims killed by the communist “guerrilha”, one of them is: Mário Kozel Filho (an 18 year old recruit killed by a bomb in front of his headquarters in São Paulo). This criminal act, for example, was articulated by the communist terrorist Dilma Rousseff who later became the president of Brazil.

The information obtained by Time was found in the so called “Truth Commission” (Comissão da Verdade) created by the same Dilma Rousseff at the time she occupied the presidential seat. She states that 434 people were assassinated by the military dictatorship but  nothing compares with the 100 thousand assassinated by the communist regime in Fidel Castro’s Cuba or the millions eliminated by Stalin in the USSR. The dictatorship model was about to be implimented in Brazil by agents such as Dilma Rousseff and by the way, most of these 434 “brazilian guerrilheiros” were killed during combat and were heavily armed at the time.

The ill intension of the writer of this article repeats what  Ciro Gomes (PDT candidate to the presidencial seat of Brazil and a friend to the communist party of China),  who’s mind is as statist as Mussolini’s when it comes to the size of government in the economy and social issues.  He affirms that Bolsonaro is an adept of nazifascist theories. Nothing could be more distant from Bolsonaro who has chosen to the seat of  his finance minister someone all in favour of the all free maket.

It’s shocking to have to aknowledge that  anything else could be worse than the current maisntream media in Brazil although, I have to say; our educational system has suffered years of cultural marxism with the  influence of educators such as Paulo Freire and our texts have been a tragic reflexion of years of systematic descontruction of our ability to educate and become educated,  but none of our “maisntream media strings attached” texts are as keen as this article on Time Magazine in trying to destroy with such fervor and hate the image of a beloved Brazilian hero.

Translation: Kay Lyra

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